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iStep 9.6 New Features





  • 3 New Languages have been added: Chinese, Swedish and Portuguese.
  • The total number of default languages for the iStep software is now 11!


    •  Re-order the questions – We have changed the software to allow you to change the order of the survey questions after you write them.
    • Survey App - Typically the “Survey” is run prior to the start of the scan.  For those that don’t want the survey to run prior to the scan, clicking this app following the scan will run the survey.


Back End



  • Control Panel Setup – Located on the Setup menu.  The Control Panel setup gives you all the information to access the Control Panel for your individual store.  If this is part of a multi-store chain, you will be able to provide the information needed to get the Control Panel setup for all the stores in the chain.
  • Children’s Lynco Orthotic Recommendation – The recommendation matrix for children’s Lynco Orthotics has been updated.  Also, bugs in the sizing tables have been fixed.
  • Minimize Button – We have added an option under “General Options” to hide the minimize button, if you don’t want your employees or customers to minimize the iStep program.  
  • The Daily Letter – We have changed the name of this letter.  It is now called the “Thank You Letter”.  It can be found under “Cloud Subscription Services”. 


Control Panel

  • Customer Data Center – Shows you a list of all of your saved customers.  From this list you can select any one customer and retrieve all of their scan information.  It also provides you with a way to export your customer list to a .csv file, which can be opened in Excel or other applications.
  • Export scan reports – Allows you to save the scan report as a .csv file after it has been created.
  • Customized Thank You Letter – You have always been able to create a customized “Thank You Letter” (Daily Letter) on your individual computer.  Now it can be customized from the Control Panel and activated for any or all of your stores.
  • Email Customers – In addition to sending email blasts to your customer list, we have setup filters that can limit your list by certain criteria (Size, Arch Type, Gender, etc.) and then send email blasts to that specific segment.
  • iStep Survey – You can now view or edit the survey for each or all of your stores.  You can also choose to activate or deactivate a survey that you have setup, whenever you want.  This can all be done from the Control Panel.
  • Survey Results – The survey results can be viewed from the Control Panel and can be exported to a .csv file.
  • Scan Tracker – The employee profiles and Scan Tracker data will now be saved on the cloud, rather than the individual computer.  This migration will take place during the update process.