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Aetrex: Boots Sublime

February 2012

By Bonnie Kimberly Taylor

The Aetrex Essence Boots Collection is comprised of three uncommonly comfortable boot styles: riding boots, ankle boots and tall boots. The Tall Riding Boot shown above has a stretch fabric panel to solve the problem of boots that won’t stay up or fit properly on the leg. Waterproof and available in leather or suede (in olive, black or brown), these boots can polish both casual and semi-formal looks.

The Berries Bungee boot collection (shown above) is ideal for trekking through snow and rain, and offers a range of colors and styles. The Aetrex tagline is “the healthiest shoes you’ll ever wear” for good reason: each shoe and boot is crafted with maximum comfort as a goal.

Pressure points, arch type and true foot size are considerations that shoe and boot makers often overlook, which is why Aetrex stands out from the usual. You can custom-make your own footwear on the Aetrex website,, to ensure that you get exactly what you want – and just as important: what you need. Click on the Technology tab and scroll down to Mozaic to read about shoe customization.

If you live in New York, you’re probably used to walking, so you might as well stride in comfort with style.