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Footcare Tips for Women

“Let’s face it, when our feet hurt, we hurt all over,” said Sue Ryder, Women’s Product Director at Aetrex, 20-year veteran as a footwear designer and mother of 4. She challenges herself to blend a fresh design sense with the ultimate in footwear comfort, fit and function. She admits that her princess and the pea feet feel everything, so she takes extra care to keep them in good shape year round.  Below are some of her favorite footcare tips for women.

Footcare Tips for Women

Socks are Important Winter Accessories – Socks are just as important as winter hats and gloves.  Wet conditions soften the tissue on feet and make them more susceptible to skin trauma - cuts, abrasions and blisters. If feet get too cold and wet, you could be at risk for frostbite.  To protect your feet, look for socks with a Moisture-Guard™ wicking system, and socks made with materials such as smartwool, polyester and nylon.

Buy Shoes that Fit Your Needs - Many stores such as the Walking Company, Foot Solutions and independent retailers have sales people that are certified pedorthists, who have received specific training in foot and ankles injuries and pain prevention. They can help you select the right type of shoe for your specific needs and offer suggestions for how to customize them, for the ultimate in fit and comfort.

Get Some Arch Support – Whether it’s pregnancy or post-pregnancy weight gain, our feet feel every ounce.  The added weight causes extra strain on our arches, causing them to stretch.  By simply adding othotics with proper arch support into our shoes, we’re doing our feet, as well as our backs, a big favor.  Brands such as Lynco Orthotics are made to fit into most styles and brands of shoes, so one pair can go a long way. 

Give Your Feet a Break – Moms are on their feet all day. Women have four times as many foot problems as men and high heels and incorrect shoe sizes are partly to blame. I recently designed a casual line of clogs called Berries that are so soft and light, when you slip them on you’ll immediately go ahhhh. They are made with stretchable fabrics and memory foam that conform to feet while the customizable footbed relieves pressure point. They come in 3 styles, in nine fantastic jewel tone colors, so they’ll look great too. $99. To purchase go to

Nighttime Care – After being on your feet all day, give your feet a little TLC. Knead your feet gently with your thumbs to increase blood circulation. Then cover them with a good quality foot cream or nourishing gel to help keep the skin from cracking and drying.

Foot Pain is Not Normal – Your feet mirror your general health.  For the most part, both of your feet should look alike. So if you have any issues such as ongoing pain and swelling or an arch that flattens in one foot, it is a sign of a more serious problem and time to go to see a podiatrist.

Educate Yourself – Sites such as offer comprehensive information about foot conditions, comfort and performance footwear, sports injuries and foot health for diabetes and an online shop with products that help treat or prevent foot pain.