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iStep Wave - The Future of Digital Foot Scanning Technology

iStep Wave - The Future Of Digital Foot Scanning Technology

Aetrex’s 360° Wireless Technology Offers Retailers a Hi-Tech, Viral Marketing Tool

TEANECK, NJ (2010) – Aetrex Worldwide Inc. is proud to introduce the iStep Wave, the first completely wireless foot scanning technology that captures the three essential elements of feet – foot size, arch type and pressure points. Utilizing Aetrex’s 360° Wireless Technology, the iStep Wave is operated with a handheld device, enabling the sleek flat screen monitors and foot scanners to be placed anywhere in the store.

“The iStep Wave is the most revolutionary technology ever developed for footwear retailers and professionals,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO, Aetrex. “It will dramatically elevate their image, allow them to capitalize on cutting edge marketing techniques and enable them to provide an extraordinary customer experience.”

The iStep technology is invaluable in helping to select footwear and orthotics that help people remain active, fit and injury free.   For more than eight years, footwear retailers have embraced the iStep as a helpful selling tool. Now they can not only place the technology anywhere in their stores, they can leverage the MMS and e-mail wireless communication technologies to extend the message of foot health.

With over 5,000 retailers using the iStep system today, and thousands of scans taken every day, enabling the iStep Wave for digital communications was a natural progression for Aetrex, which is known for spearheading unrivaled innovations in footcare technology.

The iStep Wave features 3,744 Gold plated barometric sensors and 1,326 infrared LED’s that accurately create a two or three dimensional blueprint of the foot in less than 30 seconds. The foot scans are displayed in real time and customers are immediately sent MMS or e-mail messages of their scans. Once they receive the message, they can easily share it with friends and family.

“By empowering the consumer with the electronic scan of their own foot, they too can become an advocate for foot health,” added Schwartz. “Consumers, particularly a younger, more savvy audience are sure to embrace the wireless technology.”