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Richard Schwartz Honored by the Pedorthic Foundation

Richard Schwartz Honored by the Pedorthic Foundation for Outstanding Contributions to Profession

Family & Colleagues Extend Heartfelt Congratulations

Teaneck, N.J., December 21, 2010 – Richard Schwartz, Chairman of the Board at Aetrex Worldwide Inc., was recently honored by The Pedorthic Foundation for his outstanding leadership, innovations and contributions toward advancing the pedorthic profession.

In recognition for his years of work, the Foundation created the Richard B. Schwartz Award honoring individuals or companies whose accomplishments bring stature, respect, advancement or honor to the practice of pedorthics. Richard was the first recipient of the award, which was presented to him at the North American Pedorthic Congress in Orlando, Florida.

“For forty years our father gave so much to the pedorthic industry through the products and materials he helped develop as well as through his teaching and volunteering,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO of Aetrex Worldwide. “We are thrilled to see him get the recognition we feel he so richly deserves.”

Richard, one of the pioneers in the field of pedorthics, combined his understanding of pedorthics with his knowledge of footwear manufacturing to help shape the growth of Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. as a maker of comfort and wellness footwear, foot orthotics and footcare technology.

For three generations, the Schwartz family has spearheaded unrivaled innovations in pain-relieving footwear and foot care products. Originally known for the landmark development of arch supports, medically-oriented footcare products, and innovations in the over-the-counter insole market, today Aetrex’s innovative high performance sport and fashion-forward dress and casual footwear for men and women appeal to a broader and younger clientele.

“Bottom line, our family is the ultimate footwear geeks,” says Larry Schwartz, who is also a board-certified pedorthist. “Our styles and technologies have certainly evolved substantially over the years, but we remain committed to our grandfather’s and father’s vision to keep people feeling good on their feet.”

In addition to Larry, Aetrex is led by Richard’s two other sons, Evan Schwartz who serves as president and Matt Schwartz vice president of sales.